Welcome to National Pretzel Day!  As Americas 534th Favorite Holiday, it can be hard to get prepped ahead of time. So, I'm here to help you out. The Top Five places to get a pretzel in Rochester!

    This is my personal favorite. Order the hot pretzel sticks. Not hot spicy, hot warm, baked pretzel sticks with their house strong mustard & nacho cheese. Start the day here. You will thank me Monday.
    I don't know if you think of Daube's as a pretzel place, I didn't, but according to Yelp, it is a top-five place in Rochester to get pretzels. And if we're honest, everything they do is great, so the pretzels must be, too.
    Giant Pretzel - According to their menu, it's an over-sized pretzel, big enough to share! Served with cheese sauce and spicy mustard.
    Never had 'em, can't say. I'm not even sure if it's pronounced Ann-eeeee's or Ann's. However, on Yelp, Stephanie G says, "I always get excited when I see an Auntie Anne's Pretzels because they are my favorite pretzel shop!" Excitement and pretzels for the win!
  • WHISTLE BINKIES (both locations)
    Order the Big Soft Pretzel. It's among the least expensive of the local home-made pretzels, at less than $4.00. Plus, there's plenty of butter on it!

HONORABLE MENTION - Just Outside Rochester

  • THE TILTED TAVERN  - Their soft pretzel is as big as a medium pizza...and soft and warm and comes with jalapeno cheese sauce. See the blog I wrote about it HERE.


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