"Minnesota nice" would never let this happen here.

Stop me if you've heard this one: I went to the fights one night, and over in one corner - a hockey game broke out!

The Miami Herald is reporting a fight broke out Saturday night at a Chuck E. Cheese in Kendall. 16-year-old Krystel Jimenez whipped out her cell phone and captured video of adults - ADULTS! - trading punches and pulling hair.

Now, isn't it ironic that at a place where kids can be kids, a kid captures video of adults being incredibly childish?

According to accounts by witnesses, the fight started when one adult gave another adult the "Stink-Eye"! Yeah! The whole throw down started with a "stink-eye"! Word is there may have been alcohol involved.

There were some injuries, although no one was arrested and the police are not commenting on the incident. I think that's perfectly understandable. If it was a birthday party or some other celebration that was tragically marred by somebody giving Uncle Phil a fat lip and Auntie Rose a bloody nose, I'd say Mum's pretty much the word. Punishment enough that from now on everyone involved has to explain why they're not allowed back to Chuck E. Cheese.

I mean really?! Who throws the first punch in a place like that over the "stink eye"?! What kind of person does that?

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