This is a scam that will really hit online shoppers where it hurts! If you are a big online shopper, you'll want to take note of this warning from shopping giant Amazon. I got an email from the company this week warning me, and many others, of two scams going around in their likeness all over the country, including in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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These scams have been reported to the company in recent days. It must have gotten pretty bad for the company to issue a press release on the matter so be alert! Both scams would be easy to fall for, as it has happened in the form of text, call and email. Plus, something wrong with our account that means we can't online shop this week? That definitely creates a sense of urgency!

Amazon Scam Number One & How It Works

Scammers are taking aim at Amazon consumers, more particularly those with an Amazon Prime membership. Scammers will reach out to a consumer and tell them that there is an issue with their membership. They will tell the person on the other end of the line, or text or email, that they need to provide updated banking information.

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Otherwise, they say your account won't be reinstated and you won't be able to purchase anything! That would send many people into shock right there. Obviously, you can go update your account yourself in one quick minute if there is an issue. They may also tell you that there is a new membership fee and ask for you to "approve it" and pay upfront as another way of having your banking information.

Amazon Scam Number Two & How It Works

This Amazon scam is a take on an old trusty scam but you may fall for it since it "comes" from a company like Amazon. Scammers will call you, email you or text you saying that you account is about to be suspended or deleted. From there, they send you a link so you can verify your account.

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They ask you to verify your account by providing important information like login credentials, which they will then use on your actual account. They may also ask for payment information so they can steal funds as well.

How To Prevent Yourself From Falling Victim To These Scams

In the same email, Amazon offers a few tips on staying safe from scams like this. Of course, never give out personal or banking information over the phone unless you have verified the source on the other end of the line. They say to verify links if you get one and use caution if the scam seems urgent.

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