I am OBSESSED with this! A bear decided to crash a construction site in Duluth. While we don't know exactly what the bear was doing, I am guessing he was checking out the site to see how far along the project was?

St. Louis County, Minnesota shared a photo of the cutie on social media Wednesday (August 23rd), joking that someone was not reading the signs that the construction site was closed to traffic! The bear was spotted at the site on Rice Lake Road in Duluth.

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The site is for culvert replacement work so the bear might have just wanted to see how it was coming along. The bear must have also approved of the work so far because the road is still on schedule to reopen on Saturday (August 26th).

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The best part of the photo, aside from the cute bear, is the comments section. People absolutely loves this bear-y cute picture and went to town with the bear puns for the occasion, as they should.

If you have a few minutes, it is definitely worth reading through all of the puns but I would like to highlight some of my favorite ones in the meantime, because they gave me a good laugh! Someone even won the internet by photoshopping a hard hat on the bear. Ha!

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Some of my favorites include the following:

Good thing the road was closed. There could have been a grizzly accident! (Yes I know it's a black bear, work with me...)


It looks like it's 'cub' to terms with the inconvenience, too.


And you thought your boss was a bear! Let me tell you about my day!


Must be on coffee break

All in all, this story is so cute it is unbearable! Even those that shared the initial post were loving the puns, writing in a follow-up post that they could "bearly" keep from laughing at some of the "paws-itively" wonderful puns.

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