To say it's been a mild winter is an understatement. It's felt like spring for most of the winter. We woke up today to the coldest air we've had in a month. Just about every other day has been well above average. But, there's a possibility this could actually be the coldest we'll be all winter, and things should just get warmer from here.

We've set record highs in recent weeks. Who remembers a 48-degree day in February in Northern Minnesota? Nobody, it's insane!

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This Could Be The Coldest Day In February & The Rest Of The Month Looks Warm

We were talking with our meteorologist buddy Brandon this morning, and he believes this cold snap will be the last cold day of February. Temperatures will bounce back to above average by the end of the weekend, and we'll see highs in the upper 30s again next week.

So, I asked Brandon, does this mean this could be the last really cold days of this winter?

"Climatologically, March is warmer than February. It could hold true that this would have been the last cold snap of winter, but we'll have to wait and see what March brings."

It's true, that the weather can always throw a curve ball, but with this strong El Nino system making this one of the warmest winters on record, I'm guessing March will continue the above-average temperatures.

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The Days Are Getting Longer!

The other good news? Days are getting longer. Daylight Saving Time is coming up on March 10, and the sunset will be at 7:07 PM. Oh, how I cannot wait for the darkness to be over!

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