Interesting. A new study says that this is the safest city in the state of Minnesota. The only problem is that you might not have ever heard about it before this moment! I guess that may play into just why it is apparently the safety city in all of the state.

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MSN put out a list of the safest city in each state earlier this year. What is the safest city in Minnesota? Oddly enough, it appears to be the town of Montevideo. Like I said, you may not have ever even heard of it. I know I only have once or twice. That's probably a good thing in this instance.

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Why is Montevideo the "safest" town in Minnesota?

They didn't just choose a quiet little city. They looked at statistics like the median income of the city, the population, the violent crime rate over the years, and the like. It looks like Montevideo is thriving in all areas.

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Here's what else was said about why Montevideo came in as the safest city in Minnesota, writing;

Montevideo, a rural riverfront town that was named the safest city, "made the most dramatic improvement the year before, rising 28 spots to number 7. This year it rose even higher to place at number 1," according to SafeWise. It had zero murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries, larceny thefts, and motor vehicle thefts.

I guess when you look at those statistics, it makes sense! Maybe now more people will flock to the town of Montevideo. Montevideo is located in Chippewa County, Minnesota. The small town is located about four hours from Duluth. Sigh.

What else is there to know about Montevideo?

The small town apparently has some pretty cool tourist attractions, including Lagoon Park, Heritage Hill and Talking Waters Brewing Company. It is in the southwestern corner of the state and has small bluffs, farmland and prairies. It is also just under five square miles! How cute.

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