BTS' Jin held an event where he hugged 1,000 fans to celebrate his homecoming after his military service ended, but some fans did not follow the rules.

According to an official notice from BTS' official social media, fans were invited to give Jin "light hugs" to welcome him back "per request from the artist."

The notice also said, "Every precautionary measure will be put in place to ensure no unpleasant incidents occur during the event."

However, some fans decided to break the rules and attempted to kiss the "Moon" singer, which other fans caught on tape.

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Fans tweeted about the incident with outrage at the ones who crossed Jin's boundaries.

In photos and videos posted to Twitter/X, Jin was seen looking flustered when fans tried to kiss him as he turned his face away.

One fan tweeted that one of the fans who kissed him ruined "this special moment."

Another fan said, "This person is a freak & anyone on here defending this is a freak. 'Bad angle' my ass. Y'all have absolutely no moral compass and are the exact reason we can never have any nice things. This is assault. If it was a male fan with a female idol the reaction would be so different."

Now, the Seoul Songpa Police Station has reportedly confirmed that a sexual assault complaint was filed following the hug event, per Soompi.

"We received the complaint through the National Petition System, but we have not received a formal complaint. We have not booked the suspect yet," they said in a statement, adding that they are currently reviewing the complaint.

According to the outlet, the complaint was filed by another fan who witnessed the incidents take place.

"Jin held an event where he hugged 1,000 fans to commemorate his discharge from the military, but I couldn't help but be angry when I heard that some fans attempted sexual harassment, causing controversy. I filed a complaint with the police on charges of 'indecent assault in a crowded place,'" the fan said, per Korean media outlet Naver.

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