According to a viral tweet, a man who believes he met his "soulmate" during a night out at a bar has been trying to decipher the woman's phone number after she left only partial digits on a napkin.

On Twitter, the man's cousin shared text messages revealing his cousin had met a woman at a bar but she only gave him "most of" her number on a napkin.

"My 22-year-old cousin met his dream girl at a bar and it's going pretty well," the Twitter user, @henpeckedhal, tweeted alongside screenshots of their text messages.

"I met my soulmate last night," the cousin's first text reads via the screenshots.

"My man! Did you get her number?" the man responds.

"Most of it," the cousin writes back, prompting the confused man to ask, "How do you get most of a number?"

The cousin responds with a photo of a napkin featuring a cryptic message.

"Call me! 512-3*1-2*04 ... Trust me, I'm worth it," the napkin, signed "Jackie," reads.

"WTF?!?! What are you going to do?" the man asks his cousin, who hilariously sends him a photo of a notebook in which he has been tracking his attempts to figure out Jackie's correct phone number.

Many of the numbers are scratched out, showing just how many different iterations of the phone number he's tried so far.

See below:

On Twitter, users attempted to help the man's cousin figure out the phone number.

"I mean the asterisk is the eight on a keyboard, any correlation?" one user suggested.

"So, no one is going to tell him to look up the prefixes in that area? Would save a lot of time," another person tweeted.

In an update to the saga, it seems Jackie saw the viral tweet and allegedly got in touch with @henpeckedhal.

"HOLY S--T!!!! I just talked to him. WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER???? He said he's halfway through the list, which means he's actually like 10% of the way through it," the man responded to Jackie.

"He may not be as clever as he thinks ... give me HIS number, I'm taking over this operation," she texted back.

Warning: Strong language contained in tweet below

In another tweet, the man defended Jackie from Twitter users who criticized her for sending the man's cousin on a quest.

"For the people saying she's arrogant, high maintenance or whatever: these kids talked for an hour about a shared interest in true crime, mysteries, etc. My cousin bragged that he always solves the case before the show ends (editor's note: not this time). I think she's awesome," he tweeted.

If the situation in the viral tweet feels familiar to you, it might be because it's very similar to the plot of 2001 rom-com Serendipity.

Starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, the film is about a man who falls head over heels with a woman he randomly meets out one night. At the end of the two strangers' magical evening together, the wind blows the piece of paper with the woman's number on it out of the man's hands.

Instead of giving him her number again, she writes it in a book that she sells to a used bookstore the next day, telling him that if he finds the book with her number on the sleeve, they were meant to be.

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