If you see people walking around with bags or containers in Minnesota and are acting a bit suspicious, don't worry.  They are probably trying to ditch you so they can get to their secret spot for morels mushrooms.  Yes, morels are back and people are on the hunt!


Where to find morel mushrooms in Minnesota

Most people who have a "secret" morel spot won't tell you about them because, well, they want to grab those precious mushrooms for themselves.  But, I know of several places that have them and today I am going to spill the beans and also give you a few tips on how to find them yourself.


Tip #1 - Go out for a hike in the woods!

Tip #2 -Know what trees to look for!

  • According to outdoorlife.com, there are a few specific trees that morels tend to love more than others.  Those are sycamore, hickory, ash, elm, and fruit trees.
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Tip #3 - Look for 50 on the temperature gauge

  • Once 50 degrees arrives on a pretty consistent basis, it is a huge sign that morels are growing and it is time to go hunting.

Tip #4 - Morels like it where it tends to be damp...so look there first

  • Checking under leaves, in areas that are shaded more, and damp are the best place to start looking.
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My Secret Spot for Finding Morel Mushrooms in Rochester, Minnesota

A few years ago, I took my dog for a walk on our property in Rochester.  We've got a few acres and there are a ton of trees and a huge chunk of them are Elm.  Honestly, there are quite a few that are dead and have fallen down in the forest and need to be cleared out.  It is a work in progress!

While I was out on our little hike, I noticed something poking through the ground.  I never saw this item before and it was really weird looking and had wavy lines on it.  Google was my friend and I learned that the pile of things in my yard poking up through the ground were morel mushrooms!

Turns out, my neighborhood is one of those "secret spot" locations and many of us have buckets full of morel mushrooms every spring.

Am I going to tell you where I live?  Nope.  It's a secret.

If you'd like a little help finding a secret spot though, check thegreatmorel.com. Other states next to Minnesota have already reported sightings according to that site so really, it is just a matter of time before morels appear in the land of 10,000 lakes.

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