I heard that there were people who went to their "secret spot" around this time of the year to go find some type of mushroom that was growing.  What I didn't know then was that there are TONS of things in the wild that we can eat that are safe.  Check out this class where you can learn and hunt with experts in the area!

As an Iowan that grew up around corn and soybeans, I had no idea why people would go into a wooded area with a bag and "hunt" for morels.  I didn't know what morels even were or where these secret places could be found.  That is...until I moved to my current acreage.

My Secret Spot:  I was walking around with the dog, exploring different parts of our property.  There are a lot of trees.  A LOT!  In the mix of the growing trees, we have a lot of dead trees and pieces that are stuck in the ground and many of those are Elm.  I also found a boatload of something in the middle of our property that I had never seen before...mushrooms that were kindof pocking up at the top with wavy lines.  I picked a few brought them back to the house because I had a feeling that I may have just found one of those "secret spots" for morel mushrooms.  Since I never saw one before though, Google was my friend.  Turns out, my neighborhood is one of those "secret spot" locations and many of us have buckets full of morel mushrooms every Spring.

Southeast Minnesota is full of amazing treasures and yummy finds.  Check out this class at Quarry Hill Nature Center and learn about this natural, yummy treasures that we have in our area and find out what is safe to eat.

Spring Foraging

  • Saturday, May 5
  • 9 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Quarry Hill Nature Center
  • Meet at Quarry Hill for a morning of foraging fun. Learn how to confidently identify and prepare a variety of common springtime edible plants and mushrooms. The class will begin with a light breakfast featuring foraged ingredients, followed by a lecture, and guided foray through the park.  (description from their Facebook event)
  • $20/person and $15/members
  • Call ahead at 507-328-3950 to register.
  • Check out their Facebook event for more info

I'm not giving my "secret spot" out...because those morels are mine.  But, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook and I'll share pictures of the morels I find this year.  ;)

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