A woman on Reddit is refusing to go to her boyfriend's ex's house for the holidays.

In her post, she says that both she and her boyfriend's ex partners are good co-parents with them. However, she fears that her boyfriend's ex may still want to be with him.

"I (26f) have one child(2) with my ex we are on good coparenting terms but don’t see each other unless necessary. We talk via text and he has a healthy relationship with my family but we didn’t work so ended things amicably. My current bf (38m) has a child(4) with his ex, that also have a fine relationship. Both their moms babysit their kid throughout the week so they are all fairly close. What I would call a good coparenting relationship," her post began.

"I thought. Anyway, I have been seeing my bf for just shy of 9 months and Christmas is in a few days and we’ve been invited to each others Christmas dinners. That’s all fine and well but then I find out his dinner is at his ex’s house with her family(her new bf, mom, dad, brother, SiL and their kid) and his parents as he’s only child," she continued.

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However, she says that she doesn't feel "conformable" going to the ex's house for the holiday.

"Right away I got weird and stated I wasn’t sure I feel comfortable going. Over the next two weeks we’ve talked about it and he says she’s not threatening and just wants to see who’s spending time with her child. Which okay I get but I think it could be done on a less family oriented day. Also they’ve been split for over two years and he still goes to her house for Christmas…like I get there’s a kid in the middle but what’s wrong with two Christmas'?" she said.

"I had four growing up and my parents and grandparents were all still married. I just don’t want to be the a--hole for not going. There was also an thing about two months ago where she was crying to him saying that she feels they are still meant to be together and she maybe still loves him and so that makes it all more weird for me. How can you say that’s not threatening? Am I the tool if I don’t go to Christmas?," she concluded her post.

People in the comments section agreed that she was not in the wrong for not wanting to go to the ex's house for the holiday.

"Girl he still likes her she still likes him leave before u get hurt," a Reddit user advised.

"NTA up until that last bit about her crying to him, i would've been like suck it up its only one day, but that really throws a spanner in the works imo," another person said.

"It’s not the time to meet her. Schedule lunch after the holidays," one person said.

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