As we find ourselves spending more and more time outdoors, with plenty of bug spray to keep the mosquitos in check, you might happen upon this invasive species in your backyard. Garlic Mustard. Don't worry you can put this plant to use, as it is edible, but why would you want to eat it?

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According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the invasive species is in bloom currently in the southern half of the state.

Invasive garlic mustard is blooming in the southern half of Minnesota. It has small white flowers that will become thousands of tiny seeds. Now is a great time to pull it up by the roots, before those seeds can spread.

For those who enjoy foraging, great news – you can eat garlic mustard! Popular in pesto, hummus, and other dishes, it has a garlicky taste. Pull and then feast – a win-win for you and the environment!

Garlic Mustard according to the Department of Natural Resources, "was likely brought to the United States for food or medicinal purposes in the 1800s. It can be spread by transporting mud that contains its tiny seeds, so it is often found along highly-trafficked trails. Garlic mustard forms thick mats that shade and outcompete native plant species and it can impede natural forest regeneration by producing chemicals that reduce the growth of other plants."

If you find Garlic Mustard growing on your property you are asked to hand pull it from the ground and put it in a plastic bag or covered it with a tarp as even pulled plants can generate seeds.

You can read more about controlling Garlic Mustard and other invasive plant species by going to the DNR website.

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