Remember about a month ago, when everyone in Minnesota was seeing their UPS and FedEx driver more than our own family?  We open the front door and right there, on the step, is a box with a smile on it.  If you weren't smiling before, you were when you saw that driver with the box.

Kit L. ThinkStock
Kit L. ThinkStock

Before Christmas, those boxes were showing up at my house practically every single day.  And yes, I will admit it...I had a problem.  After the holidays were over, there were a few things that I had to return thanks to kids and their growth spurts.  As I was searching through return policies on Amazon, I found out that there are 15 items that you can never return to the big internet box store.

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Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Amazon's No-Return Zone: 15 Items You're Stuck With Once Purchased

Before you fill up that Amazon cart with items you think might be perfect for you, there is something you should know.  Amazon has a "No Return" list and below are the 15 items that you won't be able to put back in a box and give back.

15 Things You Absolutely Cannot Return When Buying on Amazon

While it's easy buying stuff from Amazon from the comfort of home, getting items that can't be returned can cause some serious headaches. Here are 15 things you absolutely cannot return when they are bought through Amazon.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

Score a $500 Visa Gift Card Right Now...and Go Splurge!

I had an interesting phenomenon as I was looking for something super comfy and warm last week when our temperatures plummeted in Minnesota.  I was looking around for a sweatshirt that was extremely warm and as I was moving clothes around to find it, I saw so many shirts that I haven't worn in quite a few years.  It was time for a bit of an upgrade...but I have no money.  I spent it all on those Amazon boxes that came in December.

If you need a wardrobe upgrade, need to buy a new appliance, or just need help buying groceries each month, you could score a $500 Visa Cash Card right now on our free app.  It's not a joke!  Get all the details here.

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