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Mantorville, MN (KROC-AM News) - A North Mankato man has been sentenced to a little over 15 1/2 years in prison for repeatedly sexually assaulting a young girl in Dodge County.

42-year-old Nicholas Daniel Larson was given credit for the 230 days he has spent in jail since his arrest. He earlier entered a guilty plea to a first-degree terminal sexual conduct charge in exchange for the dismissal of three other counts of the same crime.

Minnesota Dept. of Corrections photo
Minnesota Dept. of Corrections photo-St. Cloud State Prison

The criminal complaint against Larson alleged the sexual abuse began when the girl was six years old and continued for six years. The victim told investigators she made the decision to refuse "to comply with Larson’s advances" after she learned about pregnancy through her health education courses and the information scared her.

The court document includes the girl's descriptions of the assaults she endured that included instances where Larson allegedly restrained her using rubber cuffs and whipped her using a rope with a not tied to the end of it. A child also told investigators that Larson would set up a camera and photograph her.

Dodge County Courthouse - Google

Larson's criminal history includes a 2017 conviction for second-degree assault in Dodge County and a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction in Steele County and 2005. The Dodge County felony assault conviction resulted in a stayed prison sentence and three years of probation.

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