This makes the zoomies look like amateur hour.

Driving in Illinois scares me. It always has. Iowa drivers aren't that great either but I feel like many Illinoisians get a lead foot and absolutely fly down roads that are definitely not interstates.

It's true we can all get in a hurry and find ourselves getting pulled over by police. It's not that uncommon for someone to haul tail so fast that their license gets suspended for their unhinged zoomies. But one person in Illinois holds the current record for the highest speeding ticket recorded in the state to this day.

It Would've Taken 7 Minutes


According to Illinois law firm The Davis Law Group, the fastest speeding ticket in the state's history actually involved a man on a motorcycle getting pulled over.

39-year-old Rodney Jones was trying to get from Des Plaines to the Magnificent Mile. He would've gotten there in about 7 minutes if he wasn't pulled over.

Rodney was going 182 mph in a 55 zone that had "moderate traffic".

I'm honestly surprised it's not higher given the amount of street racers, but I digress.

Illinois State Trooper Jason Heinzl had to do a second take at the radar gun (who wouldn't) but when the trooper went after Jones, he actually did pull over and didn't try to run.

Jones was part of the Chicago RedLiners motorcycle club and got smacked with a $375 fine and had to buy high-risk insurance (surprise).

The second fastest speeder in the state was clocked at 150 mph on I-94.

Aggravated Speeding In Illinois

Since then, Illinois has upped its penalties for speeding. If you're caught going as hard in the paint as these guys, you could spend a year in jail and pay a $2,500 fine.

Also, PSA to motorcyclists: please don't weave in and out of traffic. It's called lane splitting and it's illegal in Illinois. Probably because it's dangerous and not to mention annoying to everyone around you.

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