One thing that I don't love about being a parent is getting e-mails like this while I am at work.  Today at Century High School in Rochester, Minnesota, a fight broke out.  Although I wish it wasn't the case, fights are something that my kids have been witnessing for years, so this isn't a new thing.  This time though, a knife was involved.

Kim David/TSM
Kim David/TSM

Rochester, Minnesota High School Alerts Families About Fight Where Knife Was Brandished

As I was sitting in the Y-105FM studio today, the following note showed up from Century High School in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dear Century families,


A fight broke out this afternoon between five Century students by the bus entry doors. One of the students in the fight brandished a knife. Thankfully, the weapon did not cause an injury and was secured by a staff member.


The students who were involved in the fight are being dealt with according to our disciplinary process outlined in our Student Handbook, and the Rochester Police Department (RPD) is conducting its own investigation.


We know a video of the fight may be circulating; The video is disturbing. We want to assure Century families that we take this matter very seriously. The safety and security at our schools are our top priority.

Kim David TSM
Kim David TSM


We also want to reiterate that School Board Policy 501 prohibits students from possessing, using, or distributing weapons. A “weapon” includes any object, device, or instrument designed as a weapon or through its use is capable of threatening or producing bodily harm or which may be used to inflict self-injury including, but not limited to, any firearm, whether loaded or unloaded; air guns; pellet guns; BB guns; rifles, pistols, stun guns; all knives; blades; clubs; metal knuckles; nunchucks (nunchaku); throwing stars; explosives; any combustible or flammable liquid; fireworks; tear gas, mace and other propellants; ammunition; poisons; chains; arrows; and objects that have been modified to serve as a weapon. Students are also prohibited from possessing, using, or distributing items intended to look like weapons.


RPS’ internal investigation into this incident is complete. Century Administration and District Senior Leadership will continue cooperating with RPD on their investigation.


Thank you,

Monde Schwartz
​​​​​​​Century Principal

Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams
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Personal Note to the Rochester Public School District Regarding Communication to Families

As a parent, I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate the communication from Century High School.  There were quite a few years where I, as a parent but also someone in the media, would find out about incidents on social media first.  It didn't happen just once but multiple times and the frustration level grew greatly as well as the distrust of our school district.

Although incidents still happen, which they happened when I was in school too, the communication has improved.  As a parent who has a child who is in the area often where this particular fight took place, thank you for communicating with us and keeping us informed.  This helps me have better conversations with my child about what is viewed in the halls and classrooms each day and also shows that the safety of my child is important.  I haven't always felt that in our school district and am happy to see this change.  Thank you for working on the communication with families.  It is truly appreciated.

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