Like beer? Try the 'ABCs' of beers with friends. Here's how to play -  Rotate who buys beer for the group each week, making sure the beer name starts with the next letter of the alphabet. It's kind of challenging to find a beer for each letter, but it can be done. My neighbors and I went through the alphabet a few years ago. It was a fun excuse to get together each week and sample new beers.

I can't remember the beer we chose when we got to the letter N, but we should have picked Minnesota's highest-rated beer. Read more about the best brew in the state and find out where to get it below.

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CHEERS: Minnesota's Best Beer Unveiled

VinePair is an alcohol-related content site that reports on the latest trends in wine, beer, and spirits.

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Their team just published an article on America's favorite beers and they say a beer called Nillerzzzzz is the highest-rated in Minnesota. 

"This limited-edition barrel-aged stout is released in a new variety every year, creating a unique and eagerly anticipated experience for craft beer aficionados. Each vintage of Nillerzzzzz showcases the brewery's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor and complexity by showcasing freshly scraped vanilla bean caviar from five unique growing regions--each represented by a Z in the name."

Nillerzzzzz is made by Forager Brewery in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Credit: Forager via Facebook
Credit: Forager via Facebook

This is the third consecutive year that Forager has been awarded the title of highest-rated beer in Minnesota and owner Annie Henderson is very proud of that achievement.

"We are deeply honored to receive this recognition and want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the wonderful beer community for their unwavering support. Without them, we would not be able to create this amazing liquid. This achievement is a testament to the shared passion of our team and the dedication that fuels our craft, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to continue brewing exceptional beers that bring joy to beer lovers everywhere.”

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