Kwik Trip has a very loyal customer base. How many other gas stations have a Facebook fan club with thousands of followers? These fans have been speculating for over a week now because the gas station has been been teasing a new product launch on their social media.

The chain, based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has over 900 stores in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and South Dakota finally spilled the beans on Monday morning.


Kwik Trip has been recognized as the best gas station in America by USA Today. The company prides itself on excellent customer service and fresh products.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Kwik Trip’s campus in La Crosse is massive. It's home to one of the largest bakeries in the entire world. They make all of their bread, donuts, and cookies there.

They also bottle their milk - with a promise to have it delivered from cow to stores in 24-48 hours - and they make their ice cream in La Crosse too.


5-years ago the convenience chain introduced fried chicken to their lineup, and it was a massive success. But when we talk about food, Kwik Trip is probably best known for its donuts.

They sell more than 30 million Glazer donuts annually, which is impressive. Personally, though, I'm all about their dunkers and I'm super excited to taste the new product they introduced Monday.

URGE chips are really good. Kwik Trip explains they are " No Dip Required!" chips that are uniquely flavored and crunchy. I'm a big fan of sweet and salty combos so I'm pumped to try the new Blueberry Dunker Chips.


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