A lot of Instagram posts are pictures of beautiful and cool places people go visit. If you scroll on Instagram for too long you might get some FOMO. But there's no FOMO here, because one of the most Instagramed places in the country is in Minnesota!

If you want to make your friends and family from other states jealous, just post pictures at Lake Superior. Bring Me the News says that based on hashtags used and then analyzed by a photo company called Storyboards, they figured out the most Instagramed places in the entire country.

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Most Instagramed Places in the US

I thought that the places that made the top 10 would be amazing cities with cool buildings, or maybe a beautiful beach along the ocean. There are a few great beaches, but actually, a majority of the most Instagramed places are lakes.

Let's check them out from number 10 to number 1.

Mojave Desert - California

429,066 hashtags

Lake Powell - Utah and Arizona

Lake Huron - Michigan

560,434 hashtags

Lake Norman - North Carolina

640,978 hashtags

Waikiki Beach - Hawaii

969,640 hashtags

Lake Ontario - New York

1,007,124 hashtags

Lake Superior - Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan

1,156,663 hashtags (coming in at number 4!)

Clearwater Beach - Florida

1,298,877 hashtags

Lake Michigan - Michigan and Wisconsin

2,788,904 hashtags

Lake Tahoe - California and Nevada

2,986,225 hashtags

I would love to visit all of these places one day! Out of those 10, I've only been to Lake Superior and Waikiki Beach. Which ones have you been to? Or which ones are on your bucket list?

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