Make this winter one to never forget by checking out this epic night tubing in Minnesota. I've seen pictures but I've never been. I'm thinking this might be the year I need to go. I know I'm an adult but this looks too fun to pass up on!

Powder Ridge Lazer Light Tubing

The place that does the night tubing I'm talking about is called Powder Ridge. They're located up in Kimball, MN, just south of St. Cloud.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They call it Lazer Light Tubing and it sounds like so much fun. All of the lights get shut off, there are lazers, flashing lights, music, and you get a glow stick to wear down the slope. There's also a bonfire going and their concession stand will be open, according to the Powder Ridge website.

The thing is, tickets have sold pretty fast in years past, so if you're thinking about it, you should probably get those tickets soon.

Night tubing minnesota
Powder Ridge

Dates Announced for Night Tubing at Powder Ridge

Like I said, the dates for Lazer Light Tubing were just recently announced, so hopefully there's still time to get the tickets you want.

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Your ticket (which costs $28) gets you two hours of tubing and there are two different start times to pick from for each day. Here are the dates for night tubing:

Dec 30th 6:30PM & 7PM
Dec 31st 6:30PM & 7PM
Jan 13th 6:30PM & 7PM
Jan 14th 6:30PM & 7PM
Jan 27th 6:30PM & 7PM
Jan 28th 6:30PM & 7PM
Feb 10th 6:30PM & 7PM
Feb 17th 6:30PM & 7PM
Feb 24th 6:30PM & 7PM
Feb 25th 6:30PM & 7PM

It looks like lots of fun for both adults and kids so if you're looking for something to do during the cold, dreary winter days, consider night tubing.


Night Tubing at Buck Hill

There's also night tubing at Buck Hill in Burnsville! Their website doesn't have any dates yet, though, so keep an eye on that.

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