My children have been studying the sun and the moon in school, so I'm excited for them to see the upcoming eclipse. It'll be a great opportunity for them to see what they've been learning about in action.

Every few years, the United States experiences a solar eclipse. Although it won't be a total eclipse here in Minnesota, it'll be a great show. Find out when and where to get the best view and what kind of protection you need for your eyes below.

What Is An Eclipse?

There are two types of eclipses: A solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse.

Annular Solar Eclipse Passes Over The United States
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The experts at NASA explain, "During a lunar eclipse, Earth gets in the way of the Sun’s light hitting the Moon. That means that during the night, a full moon fades away as Earth’s shadow covers it up."

Live Science explains a "solar eclipse occurs when the Earth, moon and sun are aligned in the same plane, and the moon passes between the Earth and the sun." This results in "evening-like darkness" during the middle of the day.

How To Protect Your Eyes When Viewing An Eclipse

Prevent Blindness warns that looking at an eclipse without protection can seriously damage your eyes. They recommend Solar Eclipse Glasses manufactured with the ISO 12312-2 standard. Welder's Glass Number 14 also works.

You also have the option of making a pinhole projector. Watch the quick 30-second video below for step-by-step instructions.

When Is The Next Eclipse Happening In Minnesota?

On April 8th, a total eclipse will sweep across the United States. The path won't cut through our state so we won't witness the full eclipse here. However, we're still in for a spectacle as a significant portion of the sun will be covered by the moon.

Southern Minnesota is anticipated to experience 75-80% coverage, while the northern region should see around 60-70% coverage.

What Time Will The Eclipse Occur in Minnesota?

Solar Eclipse Visible Across Swath Of U.S.
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The eclipse is slated to begin around noon on April 8th, peak around 2:00 pm, and conclude shortly after 3:00 pm.

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