The most Googled word of 2022 is Wordle. Not terribly surprising, we were all OBSESSED when that game first came out. But what about our area? Thanks to Google Trends, we now know Rochester, Minnesota's top 10 Google searches for 2022.

Some of the results I didn't consider but in the end, I wasn't super surprised by. Others had been scratching my head wondering why that was something Googled so often in the Rochester area.

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10. 'Alpaca farm near me'

Josiah Farrow, Unsplash
Josiah Farrow, Unsplash

According to the Google Trends report for Rochester, MN’s most popular searches, we were the only place in the country that had ‘alpaca farms near me’ in the top trending searches for the year. Why? I’m not totally sure! The only alpaca farm I’m aware of in the Rochester area is Pauley Alpaca Company and right now they’re temporarily closed.

9. 'Yard sales near me'

David Sacks

I love a good garage sale and apparently so do plenty of other people around Rochester! If you search for yard sales or garage sales now not much is going to pop up but wait until it gets warm again and you’ll be seeing garage sale signs everywhere and posts online about neighborhood-wide garage sales.

8. 'Bridal shops near me'

Many beautiful wedding dresses

You have to find the perfect dress for the big day! We’ve got Finery Bridal Chic, Mestads, and David’s Bridal in Rochester. Also, over in St. Charles, there’s The White Rose Bridal and Formal Wear.

7. 'Gas prices near me' and 6. 'Cheapest gas near me'


Gas prices have been wild this year so it’s not surprising that people have been on the hunt for the best gas prices in town! And lately, they’ve actually gotten a lot better, below $3 at most if not all gas stations around Rochester.

5. 'Free rabies clinic near me'

Cocker spaniel relaxing with a cat, Canis familiaris

I didn’t think about this, but many pet owners are in search of free rabies vaccine clinics for their pets. Getting your pet a rabies vaccine is very important but some people can’t afford it. After a quick Google search, I didn’t see anything for free but it looks like Olmsted County usually offers a discounted clinic each year.

4. 'Carnivals near me'

Cute kids having fun riding on a colorful carnival carousel

We won’t find a carnival around here until it’s warm again but be on the lookout for that carnival that pops up in the Apache Mall parking lot for a weekend. They did it for the first time two years ago and people seem to really love it!

3. 'Things to do near me this weekend'


Everyone is always looking for new things to do and see, especially when you have kids. The Google search for ‘things to do this weekend’ will, of course, change constantly with temporary events. But some things you can do most weekends include checking out local parks, renting a canoe or kayak when it’s nice out or going ice skating when the skating rinks open.

2. 'Restaurants on the water near me'

Dinner with seafood and red wine

Dining on the water is a favorite of Minnesotans when the weather is nice. When you look for restaurants on the water in Rochester, though, there is only one option which is Whistle Binkies on the Lake. A great spot to go hang out, my husband, myself, and some friends spent a lot of time there this past summer. For other restaurants on the water, you’ll have to make the trek over to Winona, Red Wing, or up to the Cities.

1. 'Travel agents near me'

Young business woman working on laptop and talking mobile phone in office.
Betul Aktas

People are out traveling again and we want to get away. Some people (ok, apparently a lot of people) prefer to use a travel agent when planning a vacation. ‘Travel agents near me’ was the top Google search in Rochester for 2022. I’ve never used a travel agent myself but there seem to be a few in the Rochester area. Some include Travel By Connections, Judith Zavala with Cruise Planners, Dreams are Forever Travel, and AAA Rochester.

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