What a wild vacation this must have turned into! A couple from southeast Minnesota was on a road trip for their 10th anniversary when they found a huge diamond while in Arkansas.

The couple, Jessica and Seth Erickson are actually from Chatfield. During their road trip, they stopped at this state park in Arkansas that I had no idea existed and it sounds wild.

America's Only Public Diamond Mine

This place they stopped at in Arkansas is the only public diamond mine in the US. It's called Crater of Diamonds State Park and people can come and hunt for diamonds. You know how some Minnesotans love hunting for agates up north? It's like that.

So at this state park, people can dig through the gravel or they can also try wet sifting. Park Interpreter Tayler Markham says that wet sifting is two pieces of screens and people "submerge [the] screen sets in water to wash away the soil. Once the soil is removed, the gravel is then separated by size and weight to make diamonds easier to find.”

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Chatfield, MN Couple Finds Huge Diamond

Jessica and Seth were wet sifting for about an hour when they ended up finding this big diamond. It's 1.9 carats and it's considered a brown diamond. The state park's website describes it as iced tea-looking.

Arkansas State Parks
Arkansas State Parks

They named the diamond HIMO, which is the first initial of each of their kids. I don't know for sure but based on the park's website it looks like you get to keep the diamond(s) you find.

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