Let's just say that all the excitement over Christmas, your birthday and anniversaries are backed up until May 2017, okay?

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It can't be easy to be Johnny Depp. That break-up with wife Amber Heard, following a string of "questionable" film roles. A number of films lately have kinda stunk. The late Gene Wilder was not a fan of his version of Willy Wonka. The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, Mortdecai, and maybe both Alice in Wonderland films have been less than blockbuster. It may just be a rough patch.

He's a pretty good actor. He's only had a few misfires. Most of his movies are pretty good. He has been part of a decent franchise as Cap'n Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

The first teaser preview to get us all excited for his return - next May - is out! It will be difficult, but we'll have to try very hard to contain all of the excitement until next Spring. I kid, because I remember a time before getting excited six months to a year - or more! - before a movie came out. I remember seeing previews on television in the late '70's for a movie that took everybody by surprise...

Since I'm kind of a comic book geek, I remember being both excited about Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern, and then kinda disappointed when the movie came out two years later. I really tried to pace myself before his Deadpool movie came out. That was an even longer wait.

So, yeah, I'm pretty excited that Johnny Depp's got a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out - six months from now, though.