I'm probably making a bigger deal out of this than I should, but c'mon? What does the world have against me...or against my eggs?

My day was going pretty good. The morning show was fun, excited qualifiers for Front Row for Caputo and even my coffee was more perfect than usual! Then, everything came crashing down around 10am.

All done with the show, I crack a couple eggs, I stir 'em up, add a li'l bit of water, and pop 'em in the microwave. Set it for a minute, and walk away to wash my hands (gotta get the egg off...ewww, egg germs, can't stand 'em. And I won't give 'em away, because I'm shellfish).

As I walk away, an enormous pop and rattle come from the microwave, I rush back to my egg babies, and it's too late. The microwave egg cooker didn't just pop it's top, it blew into the air, spun around, flipped, sang Bad Romance, and tossed egg everywhere.*

Check out the picture...pity me, please!

I had to wait five whole minutes before I found a box of granola bars. Five minutes! I was wasting away!