So, I challenged Dave Berg...I bet he couldn't get 25 selfies at Rochester on Tap Saturday just by saying, "You look like a snowwww angel!" And he did it! So I had to pay up! This video is me, paying up with moral support from Tracy McCray.

Here's the deal...Dave beat the challenge by a ton. He was supposed to get 25 and came in  44 pictures! Because he won, he could ask Tracy and me to do ANYTHING.

Coulda been "walk on fire", "wear this diaper on your head", or "watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians*"

Instead, he asked for donuts. "Deliver donuts to my other job and we're even!"

So, we piled into the car, and delivered those donuts.

If you would have been in the that situation, what would you have made us do?

*Special thanks to Samm Adams for the Kardashians.