I had a few extra minutes, so I was cleaning up my computer desktop. You know how it gets full of all sorts of "why did I save THAT?" stuff. Well, it was full of audio clips, and I almost deleted this li'l bit of magic!

A few things i love about this.

  • We're unabashedly silly. Which was probably annoying to Bo, our research maven and sometimes engineer, and the folks waiting for the finished product. But to us? It's just the way we are. Maybe we could do it more efficiently, but give it a listen. Would it be any better?
  • We don't even need to finish our sentences..."do you wanna? YEP!"
  • We're like concerned parents with Bo's new boyfriend.
  • Seriously...where's my water!

One final thing, we really will rock it when it comes to nasty weather, school delays and closings, and travel info. But you know that, because that's how we do.