See that look? That's determination, friends. And that's exactly what I saw in Tracy's eyes as she eyed my Sausage McMuffin with Egg and said, "I love Egg McMuffins." The words may have sounded like a statement, but really, they were a plea. A plea that led to the greatest hunt ever undertaken in the Townsquare Media Rochester studios!

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OK, I admit, maybe I oversold it a tich, but when Tracy came in and saw me munching on a Sausage McMuffin with Egg she said, "Everyone's eating McDonald's, what's up?" I filled her in. Our market manager, Caren, brought us breakfast because we're awesome she's awesome! 

I love the SMcwE. I almost never have 'em, but when I do they scratch a very special, "worst/best time of my life" memories itch.  In 2009, unemployed, driving around the country, trying to land a gig. I started each morning the same way, up early, SMcwE in my hand, coffee, and a hash brown oval.

Anyway, Tracy loves the Egg McMuffin. So when she was told more McDonald's breakfast was in the building, she went a-huntin'... and this is the video we'll leave behind to tell the story of a daring adventure with laughter and tears. And in the end... we learned a little something about ourselves, too.