Tracy's done a wonderful job decorating the studio. We'll do a full tour soon, but for now, let's just look at the tree. She was about to put the star on and I said, "No! Gotta catch it on video!" I'm so glad I did!

The tree is a cast off from the Tracy McCray home...the didn't didn't want their own tree this year, so she hauls it in here as part of her Christmas Station Studio Decoration Master Plan. Seriously.

Tracy gets it all set up, is about to spit nails over getting the lights to work (that could be a video all by itself), and then she adds the ornaments. My involvement is minimal. She throws ornaments at me, I try not to get hurt...KIDDING! Only the knife ornament could have hurt me...and boom, we have a tree!

Thank you Tracy...please, put the topper on...

Tracy: "'s so pre....wait, it won't fit? Too bad, YOU'RE FITTING ON THIS TREE!"

James: "There is nothing about this that isn't perfect."

That's what I should have said, anyway...