You know me as James Rabe, host of the wildly popular Y-105FM Early Morning Show (soon to be a major motion picture!), but I have another career. I am in charge of performance reviews for Rochester street signs. This year, a new federal statute requires these reviews be made public. 

  • Hard Worker, Frequently Distracted

    Elton Hills Drive NW is exceptionally punctual, well groomed, and is definitely a team player. However, his attention is easily diverted. He has agreed to focus so he will not be pulled in two directions at once, and understands there needs to be more care taken with the work product.

  • Does Not Work and Play Well with Others

    Woodgate Ln NW has been with the company for five years and I think we all remember the Tiki Lounge work party incident that led to his current isolated assignment. Conditions haven't improved, he's still a bitter, unhappy sign, eager only to point fingers at others. Constantly late for work, STOP has remarked, "He has a knack for making strangers immediately." Termination is recommended.

  • A Hard Worker and Asset to the Company

    Back when there were only three streets in the Northeast, Second Street NE suffered from 'forgotten middle sign syndrome'. With his older sister, First Street NE, acting out, and his younger brother being the golden sign, Second Street NE only got attention when he came home with a bad report card.

    Many middle signs try too hard to be noticed, but Second Street NE just works hard and has an excellent ability to solve customer issues. 11th Avenue NE reports occasional lack of communication, but, honestly, 11th has always been a bit high-maintenance.

  • Business on the Frontage, Party in the Valley

    These three associates certainly have aligned priorities to maximize performance and they have forward-looking discussions. Sadly, those forward looking discussions are centered around the weekend and their priorities, "brews, babes, and more brews!"

    They display exceptional harmony, are well-liked by customers, and have the aptitude necessary to take on more advanced tasks. However, we need them focused on the job at hand, so going forward, perhaps empowering their paradigm with maneuverable efficiency and comprehensive higher level sustainability will achieve greater goal attainment via fluid metrics.