Well, this is it. I mucked it up good this time. I owe Rochester Public Schools $500 because I checked out a book from the John Marshall library and never returned it. Here's how it went down...

From about 1993 to 2007 I advised the John Marshall High School Key Club. It was a blast. We did a bunch of great service and, now and then, I'd do something fun to thank them. Once a few of the members were reading To Kill a Mockingbird for class, so I read a few chapters to 'em.

And kept the book! I hate to admit it, but it's back in Idaho (packed away in storage). I act all surprised on the video, but I think I knew that book shouldn't have been on my bookshelf for 21 years.

I'm lucky, tho. I can't get the book, and I can't pay $500, so he agreed to put me in detention, but at the Stuff a Bus with ABC 6 News and United Way!

Plus, he'll give the $500 right to Running Start so they can buy whatever they need.

So please, stop by and help me out. I have Goo Goo Dolls tickets you can sign up for, I'm told Tracy and Dave will give me assignments to do every hour. Like dancing. Singing. All that kinda stuff.