Brain Freeze, or as it should be called, "When Ice Cream Attacks!" It strikes so fast, and hurts, and you just have to wait 'til it chills out (PUN!), right? Nope! Here's a fast, easy, almost guaranteed way to stop brain freeze fast.

First, tho, a demonstration. The li'l kid has the cutest / saddest / most real Brain Freeze Experience in history...

Notice how upset the kid gets, but then goes right back for more? Well, that's us...and so instead of crying about it, let's learn how to stop it.  (scroll down for the video tutorial)

I was out last night with some friends (I'm at their house  right now!) and had some ice cream. Just like the kid in the video, I cried. Had a little tantrum. As my sweetie-pie helped me out of the high-chair and gave me a napkin to try my tears and blow my nose, the manager came over and explained that my pain was unnecessary.

"Gather 'round, my friends, and let me show you how to stop this brain freeze! Stop it dead!"

We gathered around him, as he wove a tale of magic and intrigue. Of a land far far away, filled with jolly people that lived only to bring love to others. It seems one day a dragon was passing through their town. She'd heard it said  that this town had the best ice-cream in all the land and she was going to see for herself.

She saw Hanks Ice Cream Truck, and called out, "Oh Hank, I hear you have the best ice cream in all the it true."

"My name is Alvin, I took over from Hank and didn't want to repaint the sign. As far as the ice cream is concerned, yes! It is the best in all the land. But, I haven't seen you 'round these parts before, so as a welcome, I present to you this i cream treat as a gift!"

"Why thank you Alvin..." said the dragon. She took a big bite of the ice cream and roared in pain, flames shooting from her mouth!

Well, the mayhem and destruction that followed were, indeed, epic. When it was all over, the mayor stood atop the wreckage that was once their town and explained patiently how to stop brain freeze in less than ten seconds.

The dragon thanked the mayor, slipped him a $50 for the rebuilding and hospital fund, and went on her way, saddened that so many good and kind citizens had been hurt in her rampage, but happy that never again would a small town suffer as the result of her brain freeze.

And that's how this video came to be.

The end.