Of all the James Rabe Life Hacks I've shared, this may be the one that could save relationships. Making it happen may take some time, but once everyone is on board, magic happens...and poof! Years of bathroom cleaning is gone.

I don't remember where I first learned this Life Hack, but I feel like it's been since I lived in those condos on 55th Street. That could be anytime from 1995 on.

It was easy for me to establish the rule since I was the only one using the terlet. I had mostly female friends visiting, so it wasn't much of an issue. When men did come over, I'd tell 'em the rule and only one guy had to be sent back in to clean up his mess.

Seriously. I know he was a guest and all, but if you pee on my walls and floor, I expect you to police your own brass. I don't think that guy ever came to my place again.



Speaking of using the restroom...when some men use the restroom, they unbuckle their pants, and pull down they're drawers and do their business. Is this a parental failure (medical conditions aside, of course)? The fly and the trap door allow for no undoing of the pants and buckle. Is it too complicated? To slow? Too big? What? I can't ask IN the restroom,  so I'm asking here.

I see it with dad and sons sometimes, and at first I thought it was making it easy for the kid, what with zippers and such, but then I realized...you can't keep a boy's hand off his conductor. So I think the mentor solution can be discounted.

Why? Why do men practically undress in the restroom when they're standing up to make room for more beers. I see it at bars WAY more often, and I'd be afraid my pants would fall down and the buckle would hit the floor. Pants and a belt that have touched a public restroom floor shall not touch me. Ever. I'd have to leave the bar nakedish.

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