I love working here at Townsquare Media Rochester. Why? Because here, Ton Loc songs come to life! Like the other day, with Samm Adams from KROC.

You see, it was like this.

S - Hey James!

J - Hey Samm!

S - How ya dooooooooooooooooooin'?

J - Great!

S - Good...good.

J - ....

S - ....

J - Do you need something?

S - Oh,  yeah...gotta buck I can borrow?

J - I do!

S - Awesome! I will pay you back ASAP!

J - ((holds out dollar bill...but doesn't let it go))

S - ((tries to pull bill out of my hand)) Heh heh...uhhh....

J - ...

S - ((exasperated, lets go)) WHAT?

J - You haven't holla'd.

S - ((best holla ever!))

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd scene!

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