Order up a tow in this town and you'll get a tow. To anywhere you want. But, if you call up the right tow-truck, you get dogs, too!

I needed to move my car from one place to de other place because my ignition is all decaniffled (my only Hyundai complaint...I love my Sonata, but this is the third time I've had to deal with the ignition...or rather, that I had to pay someone else to deal with the ignition...get on it, car company).

I call up Moody's Towing (I pronounce it Moooooooody's Towing) and I had literally just made it to my car and bam, the guy was there to do the tow. Then, I scooted over the Complete Auto Care and bam!  He beat me there,  even tho I'm pretty sure I left first!

Sadly, I didn't get his name. But, if you order up a tow and you see dogs in the cab, you have the right guy!  And remember to scratch 'em right behind the hears...the dogs.