If you're new to the station, and the Y-105FM Early Morning Show, here's one of my favorite topics. You and your body. Not like you're thinking, tho. 

I've been a morning show guy for a LOT of years...and if I've noticed one thing, it's that we're bombarded with "you're not good enough as you are" marketing.  Too heavy, too skinny, too tall, too short, too big, too flat, blah blah blah...how you look is what matters!

Well you know what?  I think that's Oscar Mayer talk. Pure bologna. What you CAN DO is far more important than how you look. Do you dig roller derby? Hiking? Child care? Horses? Woodwork? Hiking? Shopping? Well...if your body can do it, THAT'S what matters. Instead of eating well and working out to look like the people in a video, try eating well and working out so you can play with your kids, to get rid of back pain, or to do a killer hip check.

Catherine Yeulet

Now, how do your kids figure in? Well, we're all pretty good about not using body talk when we're talking TO kids. But we kinda suck at not using body talk when we're AROUND kids. And they hear every word. If mom or dad complains about being chubby, or too skinny, they hear it, and start thinking about themselves through that lens.

Yesterday someone here at work asked if I wanted some chocolate. Instead of just saying, "No, thank you." I said, "No thanks, I'm trying to keep from adding to this." (and smacked m'belly). See? I'm the one posting the quote, and I do it to myself. But I'm trying. Wanna join me in the no-body-talk world?

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