For years I've wanted to sew myself into the NEW Y-105FM Home, Vacation, and RV Show. And this year? This year it happened!

As I was sitting in the sexy Kuehn Rental yellow convertible with Danielle Teal (from KROC), we were talking about how much we'd like to drive that car right out of there.

CREDIT: James Rabe Photo Emporium

Just to see everyone's face as we whipped around the corners would be worth the jail time.

Driving a car around the show would be neat, but it isn't my all-time prank to pull. I'm not really a prank guy, so if I did drive around, and scratch the car, hit a human, or throw up in the car (it could happen), I'd feel awful. So, generally, the prank thing isn't for me. However, if I won't break something, and if I do, it's my stuff, I'm all in. And that's what I did at Kelly's Quality Sewing Center!

You see, every year, Kelly's has the first booth as you walk in, and they are always demonstrating the newest or coolest thing. And every year, while I chat with Darlene, I eye that sewing machine demonstration, and I want to leap into it!

This year, not only did I have the guts to do it, but Darlene helped!

THIS Is why you should always go to our station events. You never know what's going to happen!

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