I had no idea Bacon Donuts were a thing, but when John Sievers walked in the studio this morning, he brought a box of Donuty Happiness with him...

I had John in because Sunday is the Rochester City Jazz Festival at the Rochester Civic Theater.

While he was here we had a great old time. Played games, tried the Bacon Donut, and I met the two most fascinating fans, Trumpbot and Jazzabelle. See them and a few more pictures here. The, remember to hit up the Rochester City Jazz Festival, Sunday at the Civic Theater. It is going to be huge!

The moment that didn't make the show that should have? When he handed me his trombone, and I immediately dropped the slide. Clang, bash, bang. "Don't worry...it's OK" he says thru tears. My tears.

The only question he didn't ask? "What's a tromboner?" The answer? A happy trombone.