Have you heard of the Pazazz? Until Wednesday, I hadn't. Then, right in front of me...Pazazz!  To the right of me...Pazazz! To the left of me...Pazazz! How do they taste? Well, that's what this is all about.

First, a little info about the Pizazz! In August, last year, the Star Tribune says,

The state's apple growers are optimistic that the cycle will keep climbing because of the introduction of an exciting new variety, called Pazazz, which is a hybrid of the immensely popular Honeycrisp and the addition of more tiny dwarf trees that produce a higher volume of apples per acre.

Was it Honeycrisp-ish? Well, that wasn't the first thing I thought, but there's some sweet and it is pretty crisp. And a touch tart.

When I lived in Idaho I got used to seeing a LOT of locally sourced fruits/veggies in the grocery store, so seeing these are from Elgin, I'm OK with the price being a bit higher than I normally am willing to pay for apples, but local growers, even regional growers, do a LOT for our economy and land.

Get the my whole report, each crunchy bit of it...oh, that reminds me, if you don't like hearing people chew, this video may be hard on you.