Just the other day, the back office captured my backpack for ransom. They demanded I do the Chicken Dance...so I did!

Now they're saying it wasn't the RIGHT chicken dance! I say I was right, and they owe me my bag! You decide. Here are the texts...

And here's the video I sent. Do you think I paid up?

I did get my backpack back, but it was under protest.

How do you feel about the chicken dance? A lot of people say it's fun and gives gramma and grampa a chance to dance*. But I've known a few brides/grooms that banned it from the playlist.

I would be happy if it NEVER appeared at any wedding I attend. I can usually get outta the dance, but every now and then, I'm hauled out to the dance floor and forced to dance like a chicken. is as bad as the hokey-pokey (which I think should be outlawed like the evil bit of musical hell it is!

*Gramma and grampa will also dance to polka, which belongs in a separate container of despair altogether. But that's not polka's fault. It's because of tragic childhood even with an accordion on a ferry. 


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