We joke about how cold it is...but today we can say it is truly colder than hell. I have the pics to prove it. 

Up north a bit, they hit -40 degrees below zero. Some spots got even colder. Here in Southeastern Minnesota, it was cold for sure, cold enough I lit a fire and stayed inside unless I HAD to go out. And that's when I got to wondering...is Rochester colder than hell?

Turns out, yes...yes it is. Here's the proof.


See? Much colder than hell.

Boom! You're welcome.

If the frosty windows, noses, and toeses make you wanna skedaddle to warmer places. Or to colder places (I'd love a trip up north in a warm cabin watching the snowfall), we have the perfect thing for you. And it's happening this weekend at the Mayo Civic Center!


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