I'm an avid Snapchatter...sometimes my stories get a little out there. Like the other day, when my kidney attacked me...

Some backstory. See that cute li'l guy? That's Kidney Dangerfield. He's my official James Rabe Had a Kidney Transplant Mascot. He comes out every December and tells jokes to encourage folks to donate their organs (because holy moly does it save lives)!


His jokes are horrible, but his heart is in the right place, you know?

Anyway, he hangs out in the studio with me each morning, offering ideas for the show. I've yet to think one was worth using, and maybe, after three years, he's sick of waiting. Or maybe he was in a bad mood. Whatever it was, one day he'd had enough.

During a recent Snapchat photo shoot, I thought everything was OK. We were laughing, smiling, joking around like we do. And then, just like little kids, we went too far, and the damage was done. Literally.