It was a fine morning that turned into a stellar morning when this appeared!

It's an energy delivery from Gregory Stavrou at Rochester Civic Theater...and it moved to write a mini-ode...

i arrive at work each morning 'round four
i am dull, I am lifeless, I am truly a bore
i find no energy, and this I truly mind,
because my work should be fun, not a daily grind.

so coffee in my cup is a must
and beans from my brother-in-law are among the few I trust
my filters, my maker…in the corner they lurk
for brewing in my studio is just one of work’s perks.

the show wears on, and so do i
the energy of the morning is gone, and I sigh
with show left to do, and words left to find
it’s not overselling it to say i have a latte on my mind.

then in comes Gregory, the man from Civic Theater
he knows a thing or two about iambic pentameter
he also knows coffee is needed to function well, too
he sees me look fatigued and says, “What's sumatra with you?”

i tell him my plight, and in that big rich voice he reveals
he has a gift of energy, which makes me applaud like the seals
i cry, I weep, as the liquid i glug
then we both turn, and for the camera we mug

In short, "Thank you for the coffee, Gregory...much appreciated!"

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