A weekend of Dr. Seuss, friends, good food and drink, and hockey! That is a recipe for a good weekend, right? Plus I got to say BOOBS...a LOT! But not the naughty way, in case you're curious.

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Let's start on Friday afternoon. Technically I was working, but reading One Fish Two Fish, by Dr. Seuss, at the Austin YMCA is not work! Also, I set a record. I think I'm the only one to ever make 1F2F a 35-minute reading adventure!

TSM/Rabe Click for big version.

Then I drove to Winona to meet up with Harmony, we had a great dinner at a place called Signatures. Walking in I was wondering how it got its name. Then, inside, I saw all the memorabilia and STILL didn't get it until I saw an Elvis shirt signed by a bunch of famous musicians. At the end of the meal. Yeah, sometimes I'm slow on the update. Also, looking at that picture, I have a BIG head. EED, PANTS, NEOW!

TSM/Rabe Click for large version.

Saturday had lunch at Bub's, pronounced boobs (yes, I said it...a LOT). There used to be a Bub's (boobs!) Brewery, but now it's just a beer made down the street and a pretty darn good restaurant. I had a great club sandwich and a side salad.

Now, I like my salad tossed, and because it's 2018, it's a little odd to say, "...and a side salad with blue cheese dressing. Oh, please toss my salad." Back in the day, no issue, but now some people use "toss my salad" as a phrase set aside for naughty-adult-fun-time. Which is why the server made this notation...


Makes me kinda sad "toss my salad" isn't clear from the context.


And finally, I stayed at The Plaza, where a ton of hockey parents stayed for their kid's hockey tournament. Nice place, a little expensive. Anyway, a friend of many years, Amanda, was there with her three kids. Her son Mason was in the tournament (he's a fierce goalie). So, Harmony and I took in the Saturday night game. And had a blast. In the picture, it's mom Amanda, me, and my biggest fan, B. She calls me JamesRabe. All one word. ((happy-sigh)) Good times. The Rochester Gold lost that night, despite the teams great playing! Special shout-out to #11 (Nate?)...you got hustle AND personality.