Saturday was a busy busy day! Santa, Golf Balls, and a beautiful story of family love....oh, and me on a tricycle! 


First, the cookie butter!  I don't know how you feel about Nutella, but it is literally garbage compared to Cookie Butter.

What is cookie butter? I don't know. Love, mostly. Probably some cookie like things and some butter like things. I stopped by Trader Joe's Friday night to pick up the Cookie Butter for a couple people at work that've never had it. How is that even possible?

Tracy McCray, for instance. Her's is a Nutella family, but, I believe, it's only because she's never TRIED Cookie Butter. So...done. She'll have it this week.

Then, Saturday was an awesome marathon day. One of those where y'just go head down and power thru.

It started in the morning, with the Rochester Day Makers Kiwanis Club's Golf Ball Drop, where people won money, and where thousands was raised for youth scholarships!


Then the parade! Holy moly! Doing the Rochesterfest Parade with Hiawatha Homes Foundation was fantastic! Santa and Mrs Clause on a boat...definitely a Christmas in June thing going on. In fact, I decided it was Junemas!  Anyway, it is easily the most fun I've had in a parade ever. Plus, I got to stand up thru the sun roof and talk on a microphone! Whoop whoop!

I ended the day at Deer Creek Speedway, for Pink Out Cancer Night (raising money for Join the Journey). Two highlights I have to mention. One, meeting a teacher with a story to tell. A story about 9 kids, a mom, and being there for mom when it mattered most. It was one of those moments where you feel like you've really shared a special moment.


Then there's the tricycle race. Which I lost. HARD! Now, there are those that would talk about some meddling, maybe the loosening of the handlebars to make it impossible to steer. But that's not the kind guy I am. I'll just say I lost, and hope the guilt Shannon feels over her win won't ruin her life. ((snicker))

KIDDING!  It was fun.

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