I've been to Nora Springs a bunch of times! I was Lord of the Night, and Layton Zbornik, Jr. had me speak to his high school class. I did... and was hooked. I went back over and over. Today I learned that Nora Springs isn't just the home of the Hawkeye Street underpass. 

Nora Springs has an erotic dance club!? Yep!

Who knew?!?!?!?

According to the Mason City Globe Gazette

Dale Peterson, owner of the Pole Barn Theater, was cited Thursday night for allowing liquor not covered by a liquor license inside a public establishment

There've been protesters out front, and apparently they told the police they saw entertainers bring bottled liquor into the place. They're only allowed to have beer and wine, so investigate the police did do.

So, that's your "Who Knew?" for today. There's a strip club in Noral Springs, IA.

You're welcome.