Hi!  I'm Jessica and am the newbie on Y105FM.

I'm excited to share my days with you!  You can hear me on Y105FM from 10am until 2pm.  Download the app...stream it anytime!

A little bit about me...

1) I am a mom to three kiddos that are 16, 12 and 10.  (we are in full blown teenageness at our house...pray for us!).

2)  A few years ago, my family moved to a house just outside of town.  It needs a TON of work.  Little by little, we are making this house our home.  We have added chickens to our pet since we moved and, let's just say, we are learning as we go.  Google is my friend when it comes to all chicken questions. We also have a 100 lb beast of a yellow lab and about 50,000+ bees.

3)  I have also been in the fitness world for several years.  About 8 years ago, my body let me know that it was not a happy camper.  I was trying to walk up our stairs to the 2nd floor of our house and I couldn't.  I did manage to crawl up there but my hips were done working.  After A LOT of work to get myself better...I then realized that if I could do this, anyone can.  I have been a visitor and instructor in many local gyms and have been certified to teach cycling, powerlifting, kettlebells, boxing and have also worked with cancer survivors and arthritis sufferers.

When I'm not on the air or being a chauffeur for my kiddos...here are my Top 5 places to go in Rochester.

#1  Target Not only are the clearance aisles the best...but now Chip & Joanna Gaines are there too.  (Cartwheel is like a video game for moms...so I am always scanning everything!)

#2  The Gym.  I've been in a lot and can't say I have a favorite one at the moment...but give me a barbell and my headphones...I can be there for awhile.

#3  Home.  I know...it's a weak answer but really, I like to sit on my couch, turn on the fireplace and just search the latest and greatest stuff online or read.  This is only when no one is home though...which is rare.

#4  Chesters I don't go there enough but the meatloaf and bread...A.Maz.Ing!

#5  Downtown.  No specific place that I like to go...I just like to be surrounded by the amazing food, the great outdoor atmospheres with the Peace Plaza and area businesses.  It is just a great area to be and soak up, grab a cup of coffee if I want at Cafe Steam, walk the skyways for a quick little workout in the winter or just walk up and down the roads during Thursdays on First.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram I also work on a blog with a group of friends that are moms...you can find out some stories, recipes, workouts and more at The Journey.

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