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If you want to work from your home here in Minnesota, and you have a flair for reviewing products, this might be right up your alley. You're job, if you choose to apply and do get it, would be to be a full time vape tester (many of which are used for marihuana).

Vaped is one the largest global vaporizer websites and they're looking for someone willing to take over the owners job of reviewing the product. Apparently, his reviews are a big part of their brand, so you can't just say, "Nice. Vape gets hot. I need a new couch."

FYI: They're not supplying marijuana with this job. You are reviewing the vape devices. 

Here's an example of how the reviews go now...

You'll try all the vaporizers  and include in your review:

  • The vaporizer itself. How big is it, how's the vape production? How long does the battery last, that kind of thing.
  • How to use the thing (including cleaning and maintenance).
  • Compare / contrast it with other products in their catalog.
  • Your personal feelings and a video, write up, and photography of the unit.
We are looking for someone to step in and do the dirty work: test out dry herb vaporizers. It's not an easy job but someone's gotta do it.

What's the pay and benefit package?

  • $42,000 a year with three weeks vacation.
  • $250/month "expense" account
  • Remote working - no need to commute
  • Fully flexible work hours - day or night
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The owner of the company (remember, he used to be the reviewer) says,

"I need someone who is confident to take over reviews, someone who knows the difference between a Volcano and an Xmax Starry. Who understands what each customer is looking for. So if you are someone who is passionate about vaporizers and has the ability to create well produced, helpful videos and write-ups on the vaporizers. I want to hear from you..."

Reading that I realize I am woefully ill prepared to even jokingly apply. But if you want to, do it before the end of this month (April, 2021). Just tap here to apply. 

What story about marijuana wouldn't be complete without the greatest pretend anti-marijuana movie of all time. The one, the only, the totally absurd...Reefer Madness!

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