Does someone in your house love jerky? Then this is just about the greatest thing ever. The Crossroads Shopping Center is growing by another store...this time, a super specialty store, The Jerky Outlet! 10 years ago, I would've said, "There's just not enough jerky to fill a store!", but then I moved to Idaho and most stores had 10-20 in stock all the time. Beef, pork, buffalo, and more.

You couldn't make a store work on twenty different jerkies, though, so TJO will have over  100 to choose from! Do you want deer jerky? They'll have it. Kangeroo? Yup! Low sodium? Sounds weird, but yes! Duck? I sure hope so! Had some duck jerky once at a Kiwanis Hockey Festival game and it was the best jerky I've ever had. Not at all dry tasting, even tho it was 100% jerky.

Plus, they'll have a ton of jerky tastings, so if you're not a fan of jerky, but your man is, the perfect trade is now here! You go with him to the jerky tastings, and he'll go with you to the salon Christmas parties/wine tastings/fundraisers!

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