Katy Perry is now the proud owner of an adorable dog, she announced via a cute-beyond-words Instagram pic of her new pet.

"Meet my new Prismatic World Tour mascot, BUTTERS!" she captioned the sweet shot, following the statement with an adorable dog emoticon that looks seriously similar to her new pup. "#nolongerjustacatlady."

The caramel-colored puppy looks beyond adorable in the photo. Though he is mostly a light brown with a reddish tint, he also sports a tiny patch of white fur just under his chin. In the pic, Perry also holds up a tiny stuffed teddy bear with the same color fur in comparison to her new companion. Don't you just want to squeeze them both?

Of course, Butters joins the 'Dark Horse' singer's famous cat, Kitty Purry, who has just about the best name in the world (no offense to Butters, of course.) We wonder just how well the two will get along...

Regardless, it looks like the cuddly cutie is in for some whirlwind fun. Perry is busy gearing up for her Prismatic Tour, which Butters is set to represent as the mascot. (That's some responsibility!) The world tour kicks off on May 7 in Northern Ireland and will travel all around the UK before coming to North America over the summer. Buckle up, Butters: you're in for a pretty exciting ride ahead!

Check out Katy Perry's adorable new pup below: